Courses Descriptions:


BM101 Principles of Business and Marketing
One Credit, Grade Levels 9-12

Students explore the roles of consumers and business in a free enterprise system and in the global economy. Students will study our legal system, code of ethics, contract law, economics and personal finance, accounting statements, currency and exchange, product design, packaging and pricing, purchasing and inventory management, small business ownership, company logo and business planning. Students will be better prepared to make wise decisions as consumers, wage earners, and citizens. Lab fee required.


IT301 Accounting / Honors
One credit, Grade Levels 10-12

Students learn the basic principles, concepts, and practices of the accounting cycle. Emphasis is placed on accounting principles as they relate to both manual and computerized financial systems. A MUST for anyone interested in majoring in BUSINESS in college.


Information Technology


IT1350 Electronic Communications
One Credit, Grade levels 9 -12

Learn the concepts and techniques of creating print, electronic, and video media using industry standard application software and equipment. Students will incorporate principles of layout and design in completing projects. The computer, digital cameras and camcorders will be regularly used in class as the students develop a portfolio of projects to communicate within the school, community, workplace, and around the world.


IT102 Computer Integrated Applications (MS Office)
One Credit, Grade Levels 9-12

Emphasis is on mastering the core computer skills in the Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Access programs. Students will be given the opportunity to learn the "touch method" for entering alphabetic, numeric, and symbol information on the keyboard at the beginning of the course. Students will work with many integrated activities which will help them master the skills necessary to achieve in the workplace and in college. Students will also be given the certifications that exempt them from having to take the college entrance computer courses. Lab Fee required.


IT105 IT Fundamentals (formerly Web Assistant)
One Credit, Grade Levels 11-12

Students will continue design and maintaining the school's CTE page. Students will learn to become web page masters. The knowledge gained from developing and maintaining a school web site will sharpen skills needed to enter the job market as web Designers. All students will earn 2 industry certifications.

Prerequisite: WebMaster


IT139 WebMaster & WebMaster Honors
One Credit, Grade Levels 10-12

WebMaster introduces students to web technologies and Web design techniques necessary to prepare for a career in the Web Design industry. Students will develop Web pages using HTML authoring and web software. Web pages will be developed incorporating such features as JavaScript, OGI scripts, animated content, and graphics. In addition, students will build computer feedback forms and FTP web files. Dreamweaver and Flash are programs used.

Prerequisite: Keyboarding Proficiency



BM202 Marketing Co-Op
Two Credits, Grade levels 12
One Credit, non-co-op, Grade levels 11-12

Classroom instruction includes advertising, economics, marketing research, and selling. Simulations are used to help develop mathematical and critical thinking skills necessary in business. Students participate in the Marketing Cooperative Education program in which students obtain training and work performance evaluations in a supervised sales/marketing position in our local business community, and competitive events.


BM222 Sports, Entertainment and Recreation Marketing / Honors
One Credit, Grade Levels 10-12

This introductory course helps students develop a thorough understanding of fundamental marketing concepts and theories as they relate to the sports, entertainment, and recreation industries. Students will develop an understanding of the knowledge and skills necessary to be successful in this field. Students will investigate the components of branding strategies, sponsorships and endorsements, as well as promotional campaign plans needed for sports, entertainment, and recreation events. The course also supports career development skills and explores career options. Other topics that will be addressed are business structure, market research, developing an idea/event, dealing with agents/personal managers, and product licensing. Guest speakers will share real experience career stories that will tie into the curriculum. Lab fee required.


BM103H International Marketing Honors
One Credit, Grade Levels 11-12

International Business and Marketing is a specialized course for students with a career interest in the field of international trade. Students gain an understanding of the various careers in global trade, finance, distribution and marketing and consider fundamental concepts, principles, and theories of marketing in a global marketplace. Course content blends economic theory with international culture, politics, legal issues, concepts, practices, and applications. Computer/ technology applications supporting this course are studied.


Technology Education

TE301 Intro to Technical Design
One Credit, Grade Levels 9-12

This course is a must for anyone interested in engineering, architecture, or design. This beginning technical drawing course gives students the opportunity to experience the language of industry and technology. It provides a variety of experiences that allow students to gain a background of basic skills and understanding in the broad scope of drafting. In addition this class will prepare college-bound and technology-oriented students for the many fields related to the engineering, architecture, and design, and those just exploring personal interests.


TE302 Engineering Design
One credit, Grade Levels 10-12

This course provides students the opportunity to experience the graphic language of industry for engineers, manufacturers, and technicians. It provides experiences with greater depth in drawing problems, skills and techniques. Students design, draw, and construct various models. Projects include: bridges, towers, CO2 cars, kites, and rockets. Students must also read prints, use handbooks and resource materials, and adhere to established drafting standards. All drawings are completed using AUTOCAD.

Prerequisite: Basic Technical Drawing


TE304 Advanced Design Instruction (Engineering) Honors
One Credit, Grade Levels 11-12

Instruction in this course focuses on advanced architectural drawing using AUTOCAD software. A complete set of working drawings is completed for a single family residence, and a scale model of the residence is constructed. This course helps students improve technical writing skills, and critical thinking skills to solve problems. For employment by using modern technology, technical writing skills to solve common problems.

Prerequisite: Basic Technical Drawing, Engineering Drawing and Architectural Drawing